• Green Levels

    Green level slimes are the easiest to handle. This includes butter, cloud and dough. These slimes are typically less sticky and fun to squish. They are made with clay and or instant snow.

  • Blue Levels

    Blue level slimes are moderately easy to handle. This includes snowfizz, jelly and Icee. These are typically clear slimes with instant snow. They can feel wet or dry to the touch. However, they are so much fun to play with! If it arrives sticky, add a small amount of activator to make it perfect.

  • Yellow level

    Yellow level slimes are a bit more tricky to handle. This includes clear, thick n glossy, metallic, bingsu and jelly cubes. They are great for charms, glitter, cubes and other add ins. Have your activator ready to make these slimes a fun experience.